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Tips for Keeping Children Safe Near Garage Doors

Do you have children? Are you worried about them potentially getting injured by your garage door? If so, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure that does not happen. Keep reading to learn more about proper garage door maintenance and safety and how Carroll Garage Doors can help keep your family safe.

  1. Frequently inspect your garage door
  2. The most important thing to do to keep children safe near your garage door is to inspect it regularly. If you don’t pay any attention to your garage door you will not know if there is an issue developing. You should regularly open and close the door—while not in your car—so you can actually watch and listen to make sure the garage door is operating as it should. Also, inspect for any broken springs or cables, or parts that look worn and rusted.
  3. Perform safety tests on the garage door
  4. You should also regularly perform safety tests on your garage door. Check to make sure that the reversing mechanisms work and if you do not have one, call to get one installed right away. You should also check to make sure the manual open and close works and that the garage door is balanced so no issues arise.
  5. Keep the garage door opener out of reach
  6. Another good idea for how to keep your children safe around your garage door is to keep the opener out of their reach. Install any permanent garage openers higher than your children can reach and be sure to keep any remote openers put away safely.
  7. Call in the professionals for regular garage maintenance
  8. If you truly want to keep your children safe near your garage door, aside from teaching them how to act around garage doors, you should also have regular maintenance performed to ensure that your door is working properly and safely. Thankfully, Carroll Garage Doors can help with that.

If you want to keep your children safe around your garage door, contact Carroll Garage Doors today!

Every year, people get injured by garage doors. There are many moving parts and components that can make garage doors dangerous if they’re not properly maintained and cared for. Thankfully, Carroll Garage Doors is here to help with all of your garage door needs. We know the ins and outs of garage doors and can help ensure that yours remains operating efficiently. If you want to keep your children, family, friends, and yourself safe around your garage door contact us today at 888-578-2360. We’ll be happy to come out, inspect your garage door, and take any appropriate actions to ensure that it remains operating efficiently. 

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