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Why Choose Us for Garage Door Repair in Glendale

Garage door repair in Glendale

Carroll Garage Doors is a licensed garage door company offering a full range of expert services

Having any kind of issue with your garage door can be a real hassle. It doesn’t matter if it’s something simple like a misaligned safety sensor or something more complicated like a broken garage door spring—if your garage door won’t stay in the open or closed position…

Why You Need Professional Garage Door Repair in Simi Valley

Garage door repair in Simi Valley

Make sure repairs get done quickly, correctly, and safely by calling Carroll Garage Doors

Many garage door problems are possible to repair on your own, but it may not necessarily be a good idea to do so. Here are the top 5 reasons you need professional garage door repair in Simi Valley.

You Need to Be Sure You Know What the…

ROI for Garage Door Replacement on the Rise for 2014

Garage door replacement

Garage door replacement is a good investment according to a report from Remodeling magazine

According to the 2013 Cost vs Value Report from Remodeling magazine, the return on investment from garage door replacement is on the rise. While the average cost of a garage door replacement has remained the same, the recovering housing market has caused the ROI to improve from 71 percent…

Tips for Securing Your Garage Door Against Thieves

Garage door opener

New garage door opener technology and a bit of common sense can protect your home

A wave of home invasions and thefts have swept central Ohio in the past few months. In all five communities affected so far, thieves used the same tactic of gaining access to the homes by using garage door openers found in parked cars. So far over 50 cars and 20 homes have…

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