Garage Door Service & Repair

When you think about how many times your garage door opens and closes in a week, you understand that it meets with quite a bit of wear and tear.  At Carroll Garage Doors we have experienced and trained technicians who can quickly diagnose the problem with your garage door and make a repair if necessary.  There are a variety of issues that people may notice with their garage doors, and some of them require professional service or repair.

Garage Door OpenerCommon Issues

Things you may be able to take care of yourself:

  • When you close the garage door, it opens again – clear obstructions from the photo sensors
  • Black residue on the outside of the garage door – wash off the door, it is just oil
  • Rust spots at bottom of door – clean door with soap and water at least annually
  • Garage door doesn’t open when button is pushed – replace batteries
  • Garage door squeaks or screeches loudly when it is opened and closed – use a spray-on garage door lubricant

Things that require professional assistance:

  • After lubricating, squeaks and screeching do not go away.
  • Frayed cable
  • Garage door doesn’t open when button is pushed after batteries have been replaced
  • Garage door opens jerkily with loud noises

Wayne Dalton Garage DoorRegular Garage Door Maintenance

By scheduling regular maintenance on your garage door, you can feel confident that it is safe and in good working order.  At Carroll Garage Doors, our technicians have a complete list of tests to verify safety and wear of the garage door.  You can extend the life of your garage door through regular maintenance.

Wayne Dalton Garage Door

Garage Door Repair

A garage door is made of many different parts that can be very dangerous to work with unless you are professionally trained.  Springs, pulleys, cables, rollers and more can all cause injury if they are not treated properly.  Our professionals know exactly what to do to get your garage door working again.

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