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Common Garage Door Noises and What They Mean

Garage Door NoisesIf you have recently invested in a brand new garage door, then you are probably enjoying the smoothness and silence of its operation. While it’s fairly common for doors to make some sounds, if you have a particularly noisy door, it could indicate a more serious problem. Luckily, at Carroll Garage Doors, we know that certain noises can indicate very specific problems. If…

4 Steps to a Cleaner Garage Door

Cleaner Garage DoorAt Carroll Garage Doors, we know what a great thing a fully functional garage door can be. The garage door is one of the first things that a person sees when they look at your home. In addition to having it in great condition, you also want to keep it clean. Not only is this pleasing to the eye, but it also helps…

3 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Garage Door

Garage DoorMost of us feel pretty safe in our own homes. We take special steps to ensure the security of our homes when we’re away. It might seem strange to think that sometimes burglars use our security against us. Even when you take steps to protect your home, you still have to be careful. At Carroll Garage Doors, we know that secure garage doors can make the difference between…

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