Common Garage Door Noises and What They Mean

Garage Door NoisesIf you have recently invested in a brand new garage door, then you are probably enjoying the smoothness and silence of its operation. While it’s fairly common for doors to make some sounds, if you have a particularly noisy door, it could indicate a more serious problem. Luckily, at Carroll Garage Doors, we know that certain noises can indicate very specific problems. If your door is making lots of noise and not functioning properly, call us for help. In the meantime, here are some common garage door noises and what they might mean.


If your door makes this noise when opening or closing, there may be a problem with the bearings. If left to their own devices, the bearings will eventually fall out, which means the wheels won’t be able to turn. A click-clack could indicate that it’s about time to replace the bearings.

Scraping Metal

This sound is particularly annoying to some people, and it often means that two metal pieces are scraping together when they shouldn’t be. This sound is often an indicator that parts of the door are out of alignment and need to be repaired right away. Lubricant might help to lessen the noise, but the problem needs to be fully repaired before your system is seriously damaged.


When the sections of your garage door fail to sit together properly, they can make a popping noise. This noise only continues to get worse if the problem is not fixed. It can eventually lead to difficulty in opening and closing your door. Forcing it only adds to the problem. If you hear a progressively worse popping noise from your door, get it inspected.

Clunk and Chatter

Your torsion spring might clunk or chatter if it is not properly adjusted or lubricated. If you notice your torsion spring making this noise, call in a professional to adjust and lubricate it. This should only be handled by a professional, as working with a high-tension spring system can be very dangerous.

Creak or Squeak

Over time, hinges may start to squeak on your door. If you hear creaking or squeaking, inspect your hinges for damage. If they are fine, lubricate them with some machine oil to lessen the noise.


The chains on your door should not slap at all. This can happen if the chain is overly tight or the door is not properly adjusted. Locate the problem quickly and fix it to avoid costly repairs to your garage system.

Buzz, Grind, Hum

These sounds could come from your opener. Try to locate the problem as quickly as possible. It could be something as simple as a loose screw. If you cannot find the source of the problem, call in a professional. Noises from your garage door could indicate a lot of different things. When you’re having difficulty locating the source of the problem, call us at Carroll Garage Doors for assistance.

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