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Garage Door Maintenance Could Prevent that Huge Garage Door Repair Bill

Garage Door Maintenance in Simi Valley CAThey say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…that certainly applies to garage door maintenance in Simi Valley CA!

At Carroll Garage Doors, we see way too many cases of homeowners calling us up for major garage door repairs that should never have been required in the first place, had they invested in preventative maintenance and…

Do I Really Want a Garage Door that Costs $399?

Buy a new Garage DoorAre expensive garage doors worth it? Check out our honest advice and decide for yourself.

Sometimes, when shopping for a big ticket item like a garage door it’s really tempting to just opt for the least expensive model. However, going with a $399 bargain garage door will restrict your choices regarding materials, insulation, and aesthetics, not to mention quality. In…

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