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Buy a new Garage DoorAre expensive garage doors worth it? Check out our honest advice and decide for yourself.

Sometimes, when shopping for a big ticket item like a garage door it’s really tempting to just opt for the least expensive model. However, going with a $399 bargain garage door will restrict your choices regarding materials, insulation, and aesthetics, not to mention quality. In most cases, an inexpensive $399 garage door is more trouble than it’s worth in the long run. Here’s why.

Better Construction

A $399 garage door is typically a very basic model which consists of a single sheet of steel with no insulation. This type of door is not very strong and can easily become dented by stray basketballs or twisted by warped garage door tracks. You’re better off spending a little more money to invest in a higher-quality door that features multiple layers of steel as well as insulation. This type of door will be sturdier, less prone to damage, and also more energy efficient, so you can save money on garage door repair bills as well as home heating and cooling bills. When considering insulated doors, bear in mind that it’s not the thickness of the door but the R-rating of the insulation that counts.

Better Parts

Typically, more expensive garage doors come with better quality parts. Better parts not only provide smoother, quieter operation and extend the life of your garage door, but can also improve the safety of your garage door. For example, many high-quality Wayne Dalton brand garage doors come with an exclusive garage door spring system called the TorqueMaster Plus counterbalance system. This system completely eliminates safety hazards associated with failing garage door springs by enclosing them in a steel tube. If a spring breaks, it does so inside the tube where it can’t damage your property or cut your fingers. This system also comes with a special anti-drop device that helps reduce the potential for a broken spring to cause the door to suddenly crash down and cause damage or injury.

Better Designs

A $399 garage door will probably be just a plain roll-up door with some basic panel designs on it. It definitely won’t offer you the full range of design options you can get from a more expensive but higher-quality manufacturer like Wayne Dalton. Wayne Dalton offers so many styles, colors, finishes, panel designs, and window designs that you can practically design your own door from scratch and get something that looks like it was custom-made just for your home. You can even get the look of a swing-open wood carriage-style door without the extra expense and maintenance by choosing a roll-up steel door with faux wood carriage doors and hardware on it. These types of high-quality factory made garage doors may cost more than your average bargain garage door, but compared to a totally custom door they are a great deal. Plus, a quality door will more than pay for itself in terms of improved curb appeal and home value, not to mention durability and performance.

You don’t have to take our word for it—visit some garage door showrooms and check out different models for yourself.