Looking for a New Garage Door in Simi Valley CA

Custom Garage DoorIf you’re looking to purchase a new garage door, you might be overwhelmed by all the options that are available to you. Here are 5 important garage door considerations to help you focus your search for the perfect garage door.


Naturally the quality of your new garage door Simi Valley CA is very important. Doors made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship simply tend to last longer than their cheaper, lower-quality counterparts. When judging the quality of a garage door, don’t focus solely on the garage door panels, though obviously you want to choose a durable panel material with a long-lasting finish. Also look at the hinges, screws, track clamps, and other small parts. If these parts are made of cheap plastic, they probably won’t stand up to wear and tear very well. The heavier the door, the more you have to worry about wear and tear on weak parts.


The style and appearance of your new garage door Simi Valley CA must also be considered. Many brand name garage doors come in a wide variety of styles, including styles that mimic the look of real wood or the appearance of swing-open carriage doors. If you can’t find the precise combination of style, shape, color, windows, and hardware you want, you can always go the custom route and have your dream door made just for you.


In the past, it was relatively easy for thieves to capture the codes used by automatic garage door openers and simply let themselves into people’s homes. Now, advances in technology have made this nearly impossible, as garage door openers now cycle through codes instead of always using the same one. Still, getting an automatic garage door opener system with adequate security features remains important. You might even want to look for a garage door opener that offers the option of using a keyless entry pad and security code to lock your garage. Functional manual locks on your garage door will also be useful.


Not matter how wonderfully well-built your new garage door Simi Valley CA is, it simply won’t last if it is not installed correctly. In order to ensure that your garage door gets installed right the first time, look for a technician that has a good reputation and plenty of experience with the brand and style of door you have purchased.


Sometimes all the legwork and research you can do still doesn’t keep you safe from nasty surprises. Should your garage door fail due to a manufacturer’s defect or improper installation, you want to have some sort of recourse. That’s why you should look for a garage door that is protected by a warranty and garage door installation that is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Posted on March 9, 2013
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