Advice on Buying a Custom Garage Door

Custom Garage DoorMost homeowners end up looking for a custom garage door for aesthetic reasons, but occasionally custom doors are also needed due to the unique dimensions or shape of the door. If you can’t find a brand-name garage door that fits, or just can’t find one that complements the look of your home well enough, it’s time to investigate custom garage doors.

Brainstorm Design Ideas

Custom garage doors offer almost complete freedom of choice when it comes to materials, style, and design. Your only limitations are your budget and the laws of physics! Check out some design magazines or just take a drive around a fancy neighborhood and you’ll begin to get some inspiration for the design of your own garage door. Some common styles of custom garage doors in California include sleek, modern steel and glass doors and solid wood or wood overlay Mediterranean-style doors.

Find a Contractor

Once you’ve given some thought to the type and style of custom garage door you might want, you can begin searching for a contractor. Look for a company that has a broad range of custom projects in their portfolio, preferably including plenty of jobs that employed the materials or styles you’re most interested in. Also consider whether the contractor will actually manufacture the door themselves or send the work out to a third party. Unfortunately, in construction, the more parties that are involved, the longer the project is likely to take and the more vulnerable it will be to delays.

Listen to your Contractor

The whole point of hiring an experienced custom garage door contractor is to benefit from their knowledge and advice. So listen to them! This can often save you time, money, and hassle later on down the line. For example, let’s say you’ve fallen in love with the idea of a one-piece, swing-up mahogany door for your two-car garage. Your contractor will probably advise you that because mahogany is a very heavy wood, it will be problematic to create the double-wide door you desire. The door will be prone to sagging in the center, and it will require an extremely robust—and expensive—garage door opener motor. Instead, your contractor might suggest creating a swing-open carriage-style garage door, consisting of two smaller panels. This design will perform better and last longer while giving a very similar look.


If cost is a concern for you, consider getting quotes from several contractors before making your final decision. You might be able to use these quotes as leverage, to get your preferred contractor to cut you a deal on materials or at least throw in some extras like removing the old garage door for free.

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