4 Common Reasons Your Garage Door is Malfunctioning

 4 Common Reasons Your Garage Door is Malfunctioning

Every homeowner’s garage door has its own personality. Sometimes they’re trusty and reliable, and other times they can be a tad unpredictable. When your garage door starts acting up, refusing to open or close, it’s not just an inconvenience—it can pose serious safety concerns. While Carroll Garage Doors stands ready to come to your aid, let’s explore the four common culprits behind these unexpected door glitches first.

1) Issues with the Tracks

The track of your garage door is its guiding light. If it’s misaligned or has any distortions, you’re bound to face some operational hiccups. This misalignment doesn’t just stop your door; it can potentially be a significant safety hazard. Immediate attention from the professionals is crucial!

2) Safety Mechanisms

Your garage door’s safety features are essentially its protective instincts. When they sense any obstacle, they spring into action to stop the door from closing—preventing potential damage or injury. If your door refuses to shut, ensure there’s no obstruction (even minor ones) lying in its path. If everything seems clear and still no luck, then it’s time for the experts to step in.

3) Transmitter’s Battery Woes

At times, the simplest reasons can stump us. If your garage door isn’t budging, a quick check of the transmitter’s batteries might solve the puzzle. These batteries are essential to the transmitter, and without them, your garage door commands fall on deaf ears.

4) Transmitter Antenna Struggles

Beyond just battery concerns, your transmitter might be wrestling with other challenges. It could be grappling with issues like a malfunctioning antenna or other internal complications. Diagnosing these nuances requires a seasoned professional with a keen eye for detail.

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