Is it Time to Upgrade Your Garage Door or Opener?

5 scenarios that deserve a new garage door or opener system

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Garage Door or Opener?Many people wait until their garage door and/or garage door opener stops working entirely before they consider a replacement. You may be surprised to learn that replacing your garage door or opener can offer significant benefits, even if your current system is not actually broken. Here are 5 examples of scenarios in which upgrading your garage door and opener could be a good idea.

Your current garage door is noisy

If squeaks, squeals, rattles, and clanks from your current garage door are bothersome to you, investing in a new garage door opener might be a good idea. For example, trading in your old chain-drive opener for a new belt-drive or direct drive model can significantly reduce noise. To get the most out of your new garage door opener, make sure to get it installed by a pro, and ask them to also tighten any loose screws or hinges on your garage door to reduce noise even further.

You call the repair man too often

If your garage door or garage door opener seems to be acting up a lot, you might want to consider replacing one or both of them to save yourself the cost and hassle of frequent repairs. When choosing your new garage door and/or opener, be sure to look for low-maintenance options that will provide reliable service for many years to come. For example, screw drive openers are generally low-maintenance because they have very few moving parts. You might also look at low-maintenance steel or fiberglass doors rather than high-maintenance wood ones.

Your remote or opener is unreliable

The whole point of a garage door opener is to make your life easier, but when your system is unreliable, you may not get this feeling. You don’t want to feel like you’re playing a game of roulette every time you press the button on your garage door opener. Will it work or won’t it? By upgrading to a new garage door opener, you won’t have to play this game anymore. For maximum reliability, consider a model with a backup battery system or even solar power for uninterrupted use during power outages.

Your garage door is ugly

Some garage doors are just plain ugly. Maybe your garage door is outdated, maybe it’s looking a little worn down, or maybe you just don’t like the color, style, or materials. In any case, you can get the new garage door of your dreams by calling Carroll Garage Doors.

You’re putting your house on the market

A beautiful new garage door can improve the curb appeal of your property tremendously. Return on investment on garage door renovation projects in 2014 is projected to rise over 80 percent, so it’s no surprise that people often choose to upgrade to new systems when putting their properties up for sale. Whether you want a basic model or a high-end carriage style garage door, Carroll Garage Doors can help you get just the look you want.

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