Should I Get a Garage Door With or Without a Window?

Should I Get a Garage Door With or Without a Window?

A garage door is a big investment. While many benefits come with getting a new garage door, it certainly will have an impact on your bank account. That is why it’s understandable that you would want to make sure that you choose the perfect garage door when the time comes to buy a new one. At Carroll Garage Doors, we are here to help you make that choice. While there are many factors to consider, including material, style, and color, you also need to decide whether or not to get a garage door with a window. If you’re not sure what to do about a window, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons.

Pro: Natural Light

One of the biggest reasons that people buy a garage door with a window is that it provides natural light inside the garage. That means when you open the door connecting your garage to your house, you can see without having to flick on lights. Plus, if you use your garage for more than just parking cars, the natural light can help you save on energy costs.

Pro: Added Beauty

Garage doors that have windows are often considered more elegant and beautiful. While this is of course a matter of preference, getting a garage door with a window can make your home look more beautiful and can set your garage apart from the neighbors.

Con: Increased Cost

When comparing a garage door with or without a window, you can bet that the version with windows will be more expensive. They look better and require more maintenance, so chances are you will also pay more over the lifespan of the door to keep them looking great.

Con: Lost Insulation

The fac of the matter is, windows will let in cold air during the colder months. These windows will not have the same number of panes or be as energy-efficient as the windows in your home. This can lead to a slight increase in your energy bills.

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Buying a new garage door is a big expense and it’s no wonder that you want to ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to design. Not only do you need to choose the right material, color, and style, but you also need to determine whether or not you want a window for your garage. There are plenty of pros and cons to consider, and thankfully, Carroll Garage Doors will be there for you every step of the way to help you make the right choice. With 26 years of experience, you can trust our skilled team to help you choose the perfect garage door for your home. Give us a call today at 1-888-578-2360 to get started with the ordering process!

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Posted on January 6, 2021
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