Which Garage Door Material is Right for You? Considering Steel.

Which Garage Door Material is Right for You? Considering Steel.

So you’re thinking about upgrading your garage door. Awesome! But you may be feeling rather overwhelmed by all of the options available to you. Not to worry, though – we’ve created this blog series to help you weigh the pros and cons of the most popular garage door materials and determine which one is ideal for you.

This blog article is the third in this series. The first blog explained the pros and cons of vinyl. You can read it here. Another popular garage door material is wood, so we included interesting information about wood garage doors in this blog article.

Now let’s get to today’s topic: steel garage doors.

Pros of steel

Steel is the most popular choice for garage doors throughout the US because they’re reasonably priced, durable, and require very little maintenance. Steel garage doors are available from Carroll Garage Doors in a multitude of styles – plus they can be painted virtually any color of the rainbow. There are even steel garage doors that effectively mimic the look of wood.

Steel doesn’t insulate very well on its own, so we highly recommend that you purchase a steel insulated door to save energy and reduce noise. It’s the eco-friendly choice, for sure! Plus a well-insulated steel door will keep your garage cooler on those intensely hot Southern California days.

A steel door won’t be affected by humidity, rain, or heat, so it’s an ideal choice for those who live by the ocean, in the desert, or another area with intense weather. Your garage door will be exposed to weather every single day, so if you want one that will stand up to any temperature or condition, steel is definitely a viable option.

Cons of steel

There are a few potential drawbacks of steel garage doors, and we wouldn’t be very honest if we didn’t mention them. Many homeowners wonder whether steel garage doors eventually rust. Most steel garage doors, though, have a polyester coating that prevents it from developing rust. Another common concern is that steel doors will show dents and scratches easily. However, at Carroll Garage Doors, we only provide high quality steel garage doors that will hold up well to normal wear-and-tear. Our steel is strong so it’s less likely to scratch and dent than more flimsy steel garage doors would be.

Ready to start seriously considering steel?

Call Carroll Garage Doors to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate. One of our garage door experts will gladly come to your home, measure your current door, and give you personalized recommendations. They’ll answer your questions and help you evaluate all your options – vinyl, wood, steel, and more. Stay tuned to this blog series for more helpful information about the most popular garage door materials.

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