I bought my garage door over a decade ago. What’s new?

I bought my garage door over a decade ago. What’s new?Whether you bought your garage door decades ago or just a few years back, there have been advances in the garage door industry since then. Garage doors are better than ever, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of technological and manufacturing advances on your new garage door without having to pay through the nose. Learn more about the latest garage door features and then call Carroll Garage Doors at 1-888-578-2360 to request a free estimate for your new garage door today.

So many reasons…

There are so many advantages to purchasing a new garage door. Not only will you get to use a garage door that’s reliable and safe to use every day, you’ll also benefit from plenty of modern advances in garage doors. The outside of your home will also get a much-needed aesthetic boost when you purchase a new garage door. Gotta love that curb appeal!

Enhances weather resistance

Modern garage doors are highly weather resistant, and can endure Southern California’s harsh heat for many years without showing many signs of wear-and-tear. Steel, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum garage doors are now able to withstand many harsher weather conditions, for a longer period of time, than they would previously. Wood provides a distinctive, classic flair to your garage, though it does require more maintenance than other materials. If you choose a wood garage door, help it last for as long as possible by making sure it’s well-maintained. You can count on Carroll Garage Doors for all your garage door maintenance needs.

Insulation and energy savings

Plenty of garage door models feature high performance insulation and energy-saving glazing, fished interior surfaces, baked-on exterior finishes and more. Save on your home’s energy bills every month with a high quality, insulated garage door from Carroll Garage Doors. You’ll be so glad you did! Modern garage doors feature better insulation and more energy saving features than ever before – saving you real money and helping you do your part to protect our planet’s natural resources.

Cost concerns

Plenty of people experience sticker shock when shopping for a new garage door for the first time. But you should know that getting a new garage door is a worthwhile investment. For one, you’ll use your garage door multiple times as you come and go each day. Plus a great quality garage door can significantly boost the value of your home – which is so important if you plan on moving sometime in the next few year’s. Make your home as appealing as possible with an awesome new garage door from Carroll Garage Doors.

Don’t forget about that opener!

While choosing the ideal garage door is essential, it’s also key that you pick a high quality garage door opener. We at Carroll Garage Doors offer plenty of garage door openers of various styles, all from top brands, and we’re always happy to provide expert recommendations.

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