4 Ways to Boost the Selling Potential of Your Home

4 Ways to Boost the Selling Potential of Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home this summer? If so, you might be stumbling into a touch market. With COVID-19 rippling through the economy, many Americans are finding themselves short on cash and are looking to save wherever they can. In some cases, that means lowering their offer on a home they want to purchase or perhaps even walking away from a home that has a few minor repairs. If you want to make your home stand out to buyers, it’s important to be proactive.

Keep reading for four ways to boost the selling potential of your home this summer!

  1. Update worn or outdated flooring
  2. Flooring is one of the easiest ways to make a statement in a home. Unfortunately, it’s also something that can be a major detractor. If you have worn out carpets or other issues with the flooring in your home, it might be time to upgrade them. Find a neutral flooring option and spruce things up!
  3. Fix minor issues throughout the home
  4. One or two minor issues in a home aren’t that big of a deal. If there are a few dings in the drywall or some spots on the house that need to be touched up with paint, people can often overlook that. However, when you have numerous little issues with a home, it can cause buyers to turn away, especially in today’s market. Before listing your home for sale, walk through it with your realtor and have them point out any little issues that a buyer or home inspector will denote. Then, fix what you can and hire a handyman to do the res!
  5. Go with a neutral color palette
  6. You might love the bright red color in the kitchen or the orange color in the bathroom, but chances are that potential buyers will not have the same taste as you. That’s why you should go with a neutral color palette like greys, taupe, and pastels.
  7. Address any major structural issues or costly repairs
  8. One big red flag for a home buyer is a structural issue with a home. That means cracked foundation walls, a roof that is in immediate need of replacement, or a home with a malfunctioning or rusted-out garage door. Take the time to ensure that any many issues are addressed or you might struggle to find a buyer for your home.

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Posted on July 9, 2020
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