3 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Garage Door

Garage DoorMost of us feel pretty safe in our own homes. We take special steps to ensure the security of our homes when we’re away. It might seem strange to think that sometimes burglars use our security against us. Even when you take steps to protect your home, you still have to be careful. At Carroll Garage Doors, we know that secure garage doors can make the difference between a successful and failed break-in. In addition to locking all of your house doors when you leave home, including the one leading to your garage, here are three ways to improve the security of your garage door.

1. Have It Serviced Regularly

Like any machine, your garage door needs an inspection and tune-up from time to time. It’s great to get into the habit of regularly inspecting your door for common problems. If it is struggling to open and close, or if it is making weird noises, it probably needs some repair. You should also consider having it serviced by a professional technician at least once a year. This should help to make sure all parts of the door are working properly. If there are no weak spots on the door, burglars will find it more difficult to get inside.

2. Change Your Passcode Regularly

Many garage doors have passcodes in order to operate without the garage door opener. It’s vital that your passcode is something that you can remember, but not so simple that a complete stranger can guess it. Avoid common codes like 1234 or 0000, as these are the first ones burglars try. Change your passcode every six months to be even safer. Keep your code secret and only share it with people that you would normally give a key to.

3. Take Your Opener Out of Your Car

Having your garage door opener on the visor of your car is very convenient. When you leave your car, however, you should take your opener with you. Some burglars will break into cars to steal the openers. With the opener, they don’t need to break into your garage because they now have a key. To add to the security of your garage door, always take the opener out of your car with you. Home security is very important. At Carroll Garage Doors, we know that sometimes your garage door is your first line of defense. In order to better protect your home, service your garage door regularly, change your passcode every six months, and be sure to take your opener out of your car. These three simple steps will better secure your garage and your home against unwanted entry. Call us for any information regarding your garage security, service, or repairs.

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