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Why Won't My Garage Door Open and Close Properly?

Chances are that you do not pay much attention to your garage door. As long as it opens and shuts properly and isn’t making a strange noise, you probably pay it no mind. But what happens if your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly? Then, dread can set in. What do you do? Who do you call? The good news is that we are here to assist! Keep reading to learn more about the reasons why your garage door might not be opening and closing properly and how Carroll Garage Doors can help.

  1. The Photo-Eye is Blocked, Dirty, or Misaligned
  2. One reason that your garage door might not be closing properly is that the photo-eye sensor is blocked, dirty, or misaligned. The photo-eye sensor sits on each side of the garage door and face each other. A laser beam is sent from one end to the other when activated ad if something breaks the beam, the garage door will not close. This could be as simple as dusting the photo-eye lens or realigning it.
  3. There is a Broken Spring or a Snapped Cable
  4. If the spring or cable on your garage door is broken or snapped, that could be a big problem as well. You can tell if your spring is broken by trying to open the garage door. If the motor is running but the door will not open, you likely have a broken spring. The only thing more dangerous than a broken spring is a snapped cable. If either of these is the problem, you need to call the professionals at Carroll Garage Doors right away.
  5. The Remote Signal is Blocked
  6. If there is a dead battery in the remote or the remote signal is blocked, that is also going to prevent the garage door from opening and closing properly. Chick for tree growth, obstructions, or dirt that might be interfering with the garage door signal.

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