Which Type of Garage Door is Right for You?

Advice to help you narrow down your options and find the right garage door for your home

Custom Garage DoorsWhen it comes to purchasing a new garage door, you have almost limitless options ranging from basic brand name doors to totally custom creations. Start with one of the following types of doors and then choose the material, color, panel design, hardware, etc. to make sure your door really suits your home and enhances its curb appeal as much as possible while still supporting your goals for affordability and functionality.

The Basic Model

At one end of the spectrum you have basic roll-up garage doors from quality name brand manufacturers. These doors have the advantage of being very affordable, but they don’t offer much in the way of style. A subdued square panel design in a neutral tone is about as dramatic as it gets. These types of doors are typically made from steel but you can also find vinyl doors with insulating foam cores starting at around $600.

Brand Name With a Twist

If you’re looking for something with a little more flair, consider a customizable brand name door from a manufacturer like Wayne Dalton. With this type of door, you get the reliability and warranty protection that come from buying a brand name model without totally sacrificing your design flexibility. Start with a basic door style and then customize it with your choice of paint colors, window styles, panel designs, and hardware from the manufacturer’s design catalog. Many customizable doors let you choose lighter aluminum panels, upgraded insulation, and/or rust-, rot-, and dent-proof composite panels.

Totally Custom Statement Doors

If you want to match the architectural style of your home exactly, you can commission totally custom garage doors. This gives you total control of the design process so you can get exactly what you want. Custom garage doors are often made from wood, which gives a fantastic look but is also an expensive, high-maintenance material. In order to offset the heaviness of wood garage doors, many people opt for swing-open carriage doors rather than the traditional roll-up garage door. Swing-open doors also allow for the addition of lots of decorative woodwork, windows, and hardware because the door doesn’t have to be constructed in narrow hinged sections.
No matter which type of garage door you choose, be sure to invest in expert installation from a professional garage door service company like Carroll Garage Doors. That way, you can rest assured that your garage door and opener will be set up correctly to provide optimum performance and reliability, without risk of improper calibration shortening the life of your system.

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