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What Factors Can Cause My Garage Door Rollers to Wear Out More Quickly?

Garage door rollers are often referred to as wheels. These guide your overhead door as it travels up and down the track system. While you might not put much thought into your garage door rollers, they are an integral part of your entire system and essential to keep your garage door opening and closing properly.

How long should a garage door roller last?

The truth is, there is no standard number for how long a garage door roller should last. That is because the lifespan of a garage door roller varies based on several different factors, including

  • How well you maintain your garage door system
  • The climate you live in
  • How often you open your garage door

What are garage door rollers made out of?

Garage door rollers can be made out of a variety of materials. The most common materials for garage door rollers are steel, plastic, or nylon. Steel will be the most durable option, but it is also the most expensive material for a garage door roller. Plastic is the cheapest option, but it is also the least durable and may need to be replaced quicker. Nylon the quietest and also affordable, but it will not last as long as steel garage door rollers.

What makes garage door rollers wear out more quickly?

So, what causes garage door rollers to wear out quickly? Well, the material is one reason. Obviously, steel garage door rollers will last longer than plastic or nylon. Alternatively, the weather can also be an issue as metal components that are exposed to rain or humidity can rust.

Also, if you use your garage door more frequently, this will cause your rollers to wear out more quickly. For those who do not properly maintain their garage door, the rollers can also wear out much more quickly. Again, the length of time that your garage door rollers last is dependent on many factors, but by choosing a quality product and properly maintaining your system you can prolong the lifespan.

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