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What Are the Signs That It Is Time to Call a Garage Door Repair Pro?

Your garage door should open and close easily whenever you press the remote or opener in your garage. Most days, it will operate as it should. However, there are times when your garage door might not be operating as it should be. This can be a cause for worry because you might need to call a garage door repair pro. Keep reading to learn more about the signs that it’s time to call a garage door repair pro and how Carroll Garage Doors can help!

  1. Your garage door is very noisy
  2. If your garage door gets very noisy, that is not a good sign. If the door bangs or knocks when you open it, it could mean it is unbalanced. If the door is squeaking loudly, it could mean that a roller is loose or you have a hinge issue, both of which should be addressed by a professional. Any rattling or popping signs are not good either, as they can point to an issue with the springs or a balancing issue. In any case, if your garage door is making loud, unusual noises, you should call the professionals right away.
  3. Your garage door remote is not working
  4. If the garage door remote is not working it might just mean that you have an old battery. After replacing the battery, if the remote still doesn’t work, you either are working with an old or faulty remote or have an interference issue. In either case, a professional can help rectify the problem.
  5. You have a broken spring
  6. If you have a broken spring, you should NEVER attempt to fix it on your own. These springs are dangerous and any repair job requires a professional. If your springs are old or rusted, one of them has broken, or the tension is off, you should call the professionals right away to address the issue.

For help with garage door repairs that require a professional, contact Carroll Garage Doors today!

Let’s face it, there comes a time when simple garage door repairs are beyond the average homeowner’s DIY capabilities. The good news is that when that time comes, Carroll Garage Doors will be here to help. We have 2024 years of experience with garage door repairs so you can rest assured that there is no job too big or too small for our skilled team to handle. Whether you have a broken spring, your safety mechanisms are not working, or your garage door just won’t open, Carroll Garage Doors is here for you. Give us a call today at 888-578-2360 to request repair service!

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