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What Are The Different Styles of Garage Doors?

You should choose a garage door that matches your personal style and improves the look of your home. But what are the different types of garage doors to consider? We can help with that.

  1. Contemporary
  2. A contemporary garage door is suitable for modern homes. These types of garage doors have clean lines and a sleek design. Most have large windows and aluminum frames. If you are looking to modernize your home or you already have a modern home, contemporary garage doors are a great option.
  3. Traditional
  4. Traditional garage doors are what you typically picture in your head when someone mentions a garage door. They have long rectangular panels. These garage doors are great for many homes because they are very versatile. You can get them in different materials and colors, and with various features. No matter what style of home you have, a traditional garage door will look great. That also makes them more budget-friendly!
  5. Carriage
  6. Carriage-style garage doors are great for rustic, modern, or country homes. These are perfect for adding authentic charm to any home, especially if you are looking for some farmhouse d├ęcor. From traditional homes to historic designs, carriage-style garage doors are the perfect option.

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