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Tips For Helping You Stay Safe In Your Home Year-Round

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their homes. Carroll Garage Doors can help you do just that with a new garage door, but here are some other tips for staying safe in your home:

  1. Check all of your access points regularly
  2. The most important, and perhaps the simplest thing you can do to stay safe in your home is to check all of the access points regularly. That means checking doors and windows to ensure that they’re all locked securely. Many break-ins occur because there was easy access to a home, so make sure it’s difficult to gain entry to your home to deter break-ins. Plus, double-checking all of your doors and windows give you added peace of mind when you rest your head on the pillow at night!

  3. Be careful where you place your remote garage door opener
  4. Burglars know that people keep their garage door opener in their cars. If your car isn’t parked in the garage for some reason, you should be sure to remove the garage door opener so a burglar can’t gain easy access to your garage, and subsequently, your home.

  5. Install a security camera on your front door
  6. Another way to stay safe in your home is to buy a security camera door for your front door. The Ring doorbell or Nest are great options as they can send video right to your phone so you can always view what’s going on. Plus, the sight of a video doorbell alone can deter someone from approaching your house.

  7. Utilize motion sensor lights
  8. Another tip for staying safe is installing some motion sensor lights. This is a great way to deter anyone from approaching your house. Criminals like to stay out of sight so if they’re suddenly illuminated by a floodlight, they’re more likely to run away!

  9. Invest in a new, secure garage door
  10. If you really want to stay safe in your home, a secure garage door is your best bet. If your garage door is old, flimsy, or broken, you should invest in a new one. Having a solid garage door is adding another barrier to your home and is more likely to deter criminals.

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