Three Ways to Increase the Safety Of Your Car Inside Your Garage

Three Ways to Increase the Safety Of Your Car Inside Your Garage

Do you question whether or not your car is actually safe in your garage? Unfortunately, many cars actually get damaged inside their garages. Keep reading for three ways to increase the safety of your car inside your garage.

  1. Get organized and reduce the clutter
  2. If your garage is stuffed full of boxes and other clutter, it could put your car at risk. Not only could boxes and other items fall and dent or scratch your car, but items that are protruding or sticking out could potentially damage your vehicle as well. You also run the risk of running over the items in your garage and damaging them or your car. It is important to take some time to organize your garage and declutter it to keep your vehicle and other items safe.
  3. Install a marker to ensure your car stops in the right spot
  4. Another issue that can put your car at risk is if you don’t stop your car at the right spot in the garage. It’s easy to whip into the garage in a tizzy after a long day or work and go just a bit too far. If you have cabinets or other items lining the wall of the garage in front of your vehicle, this can have devastating consequences. One way to solve this problem is by hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling of your garage so that you know to stop when it taps your windshield.
  5. Add bumpers to avoid hitting your car door on the garage wall
  6. If you have a narrow garage, you might also bump your car door on the wall of the garage. This can end up dinging your door, which no one wants to have happen. Thankfully, there is an easy fix. Simply glue pool noodles or other pieces of foam on the garage wall where your car door hits. That way if you do have any incidents, it shouldn’t cause any dents or dings on your car door.

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Most people park their cars in their garage to keep them safe. However, just because your car is in your garage, that doesn’t mean that it is safe. Your car can get damaged in a cluttered garage or if your garage is not protected from pests. In addition, if you don’t have a great garage door, it could mean that your garage is not secure and your car isn’t protected after all. That is why you should call Carroll Garage Doors to discuss getting a new garage door. We offer quality and reliable custom garage doors that can help keep your vehicle protected.

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Posted on June 18, 2020
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