Three Ways to Add More Livable Space to Your Home

Three Ways to Add More Livable Space to Your Home

Let’s face it, a home can quickly fill up and feel too small for your family. You might start to consider buying a new larger home if you feel like you’ve outgrown the old, but before you do that, you should consider ways to add more livable space to your current home. Instead of spending hundreds on thousands of dollars on a new home entirely, you can spend thousands on sprucing up your current home to fit your needs.

Keep reading for three ways to add more living space to your home!

  1. Have an addition installed
  2. The most obvious way to add more livable space to your home is to install an addition. While this is also the costliest option, it still beats buying a new house entirely. Not only do you have to worry about closing costs and a mortgage with a new home, but you’ll also have to physically move and deal with everything that entails. By adding an addition, you can add space to your home.  
  3. Boost your outdoor living space
  4. If an addition isn’t possible or in the budget, you can also increase your outdoor living space. California has beautiful weather year-round, so outdoor living space is something that your family can always enjoy. Consider adding in a large patio, outdoor kitchen, and even having an awning or pergola installed so you can add a television and some outdoor couches and lounge furniture to your home.  
  5. Utilize your garage as additional living and recreational space
  6. Another way to add livable space to your home, is by using your garage as living or recreational space. Instead of fighting your spouse for the television in the living room, you can make your garage into a man cave so your husband can hang out there to watch the game with his friends. Or, instead of using an extra bedroom as a gym, make a few upgrades to the garage so you can shift it there and convert that space into another bedroom or office!  

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