The Perils of DIY Garage Door Spring Repair Calabasas CA

Broken SpringRepairing broken garage door springs is dangerous as well as difficult. This is definitely one case in which you can’t just watch a couple of YouTube videos and then try to do the repair on your own. Here are a few of the things that could go wrong if you try to replace your own broken springs rather than getting professional garage door spring repair Calabasas CA from the experts at Carroll Garage Doors.

Personal Injury

Garage door springs are under a lot of tension. They have to be, in order to provide the power needed to raise and lower your heavy garage door. This tension doesn’t necessarily disappear when the springs break. A broken spring can still be under considerable tension, so when you begin unwinding it further in an effort to remove it, you risk inadvertently releasing this tension and having the metal spring shoot off unpredictably. You could cut yourself quite badly if this were to happen. Using the wrong tools, like screwdrivers or socket wrenches, can also cause injury if the cables or springs slip while you’re working. A professional will have winding bars specifically designed for use on garage door springs, enabling them to complete garage door spring repair Calabasas CA safely.

Using Wrong Parts

In order to get the correct replacement springs, you have to figure out what length, wire size, inside diameter, spring wind, and end type you need. If you try taking these measurements yourself, you run the risk of making a mistake and ending up struggling to install the wrong springs. This will cost you time, money, and aggravation. You’re much better off letting a professional handle the matter. A pro won’t be thrown by the fact that some companies use two different wire sizes on two-spring systems. They also won’t make the most common DIY spring repair mistake of installing the right-hand spring on the left-hand side in a two-spring system.

Unbalanced Doors

Even if you manage to unwind your old springs safely and purchase the right replacement parts, you still face the challenge of installing the new springs and calibrating the spring tension properly. This is very difficult for a layperson to do. If your springs are not properly balanced, your garage door won’t move evenly. This can cause serious damage to the garage door opener tracks and eventually to the garage door itself. Fortunately, you can avoid these potential problems by just getting professional garage door spring repair Calabasas CA. An expert will be able to take all the steps needed to properly balance the door and ensure that your repair is effective.

Posted on July 18, 2013
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