Garage Door Spring Repair Westlake CA

Garage Door Spring Repair Westlake CA

In our 17-plus years in the garage door business, we’ve seen firsthand that postponing a repair often leads to the need for even more costly repairs later on. This is especially true when it comes to damaged or broken springs. If you notice a problem with your springs, call Carroll Garage Doors for garage door spring repair Westlake CA immediately.

Why You Need Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Westlake CA

If you’re considering repairing your own broken garage door springs, stop! Garage door spring repair Westlake CA is a very dangerous undertaking that should be left to qualified professionals. Here’s why:

  • Unwinding broken springs can cause serious injury
  • It’s easy for amateurs to buy the wrong replacement spring
  • Replacing garage door springs requires special tools
  • Experts know how to calibrate spring tension properly
  • Improperly installed springs can damage your garage door
  • Experts know that if you have a two-spring system, both springs need replacing

Get Your Garage Door Springs Inspected

Broken garage door springs range from an inconvenience to a serious problem that can potentially ruin your door. Worn springs may fail suddenly, and if this happens while your door is halfway up or down, the door could crash to the ground and become damaged. Broken springs can also cause your opener motor to wear out. If you have a light, factory-made door, you can probably use the manual feature to open the door even with a broken spring. But owners of heavy custom-made wood doors won’t be so lucky and their cars may become trapped in the garage by a broken spring.

By getting a garage door inspection from Carroll Garage Doors, you can improve your chances of repairing springs before they actually break. Our skilled technicians will look at the springs and recommend replacement as soon as they begin to show dangerous signs of wear.



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