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Garage Door Repair Special

Don’t settle for a door that just works—you deserve one that is quiet, reliable, and above all, safe. You can achieve this by investing in one of our service contracts for preventative garage door maintenance Westlake CA. Through regular inspections, safety checks, lubrications, and cleanings, we will keep your garage doors in perfect condition. Specifically, our services include:

  • Monthly Visual Inspection
  • Monthly Door Balance Test
  • Monthly Reversing Mechanism Test
  • Monthly Sensor Test
  • Monthly Force Setting Test
  • Semi Annual Lubrication
  • Battery Check / Replacement

Garage Door Maintenance Westlake CA Fixes Common Problems

Plenty of garage door problems can be prevented or corrected during an appointment for garage door maintenance Westlake CA. For example, we can identify parts that may need tightening, which will not only cure problems like noisy doors or underpowered springs, but also potentially help prevent other problems from developing. When all the parts on the door opener system are tight, there’s less chance of the door falling out of alignment and damaging the tracks or rollers in the process. While small adjustments and repairs will be done automatically as part of the maintenance package, larger repairs or major parts replacements will not be done without your consent.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Carroll Garage Doors, we believe that safety should always be a priority. Without proper maintenance, the safety features that come standard on commercial doors can become completely ineffective. The safety lights on your garage door opener can burn out, your photo sensors can get misaligned, and your auto reverse thresholds may need to be recalibrated. Our preventative maintenance services can fix all these issues and keep your garage door working in a safe and efficient manner. Our technicians are very well trained in all kinds of garage door opener systems maintenance, and they can quickly identify any problems and make the necessary corrections.



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