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Genie Garage Door Opener

Even the finest custom garage door will be dead in the water without a quality garage door opener. Fortunately you can get expert guidance regarding the purchase of a quality opener from Carroll Garage Doors. Before making your final decision, be sure to consider the following features of garage door openers Oxnard CA:

  • Lifting capacity
  • Opener drive type
  • Remote control options
  • Safety features
  • Warranties

We have all kinds of different garage door openers Oxnard CA in a variety of sizes and horsepowers. However, you can’t rely on size alone when selecting a garage door opener. A single door made of a heavy material like solid wood may require more horsepower than a door made of lighter material like vinyl. We also offer direct drive, screw, chain, and belt operated garage door openers. Which drive type you choose will depend on what is most important to you: reliability, quiet operation, cost, or aesthetics.

More About Garage Door Remotes

The features offered by a garage door opener’s remote control are often very important to consumers. You might be excited to get a multi-function remote that can also control your gate, or you might be satisfied with a simple one button remote. Our high-tech remotes offer lots of premium features and pair with openers offering motion detection control panels and keypads. Just describe your dream opener and remote and we’ll do our best to help you find it.

We Service Garage Door Openers Oxnard CA

Carroll Garage Doors is here to help with all of your garage door opener repair and service needs. We’ll give you our honest opinion as to what’s wrong with the opener and whether it should be repaired or replaced. We can also help prevent garage door opener problems through our preventative maintenance services. For example, we can clean your safety sensors and opener motors so they don’t fail later.



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