Garage Door Spring Repair Northridge CA

Garage Door Spring Repair Northridge CA

Broken garage door springs can cause serious injury if not handled carefully with the appropriate tools. Don’t risk injuring yourself or damaging your garage walls when the broken spring releases its tension. Instead, get professional garage door spring repair Northridge CA. At Carroll Garage Doors, we know how to get the job done right.

Why You Need Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Northridge CA

While some garage door repairs can be done by any old handyman, garage door spring repair Northridge CA is definitely a task best left to the experts. Here’s why:

  • Unwinding broken springs can cause serious injury
  • It’s easy for amateurs to buy the wrong replacement spring
  • Replacing garage door springs requires special tools
  • Experts know how to calibrate spring tension properly
  • Improperly installed springs can damage your garage door
  • Experts know that if you have a two-spring system, both springs need replacing

Get Your Garage Door Springs Inspected

A broken or worn garage door spring can be a big problem. Worn springs may fail suddenly, and if this happens while your door is halfway up or down, the door could crash to the ground and become damaged. Using your opener when one or both of your springs are broken can cause the opener motor to burn out. Either way, you are looking at the potential for some serious repair costs from the collateral damage caused by a spring failure.

You can greatly reduce your risks of a spring breaking on you by getting regular inspections from Carroll Garage Doors. By inspecting your springs carefully, we can identify worn springs and replace them before they become a bigger problem. While we’re inspecting your springs, we can also inspect all the other parts that your garage door opener system needs to perform its best and make sure they are in optimum condition.



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