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Garage Door Repair Special

Caring for garage doors isn’t just about fixing broken parts. It’s also about identifying and replacing worn parts before they actually fail and become dangerous. This can protect you, your family, and your garage door. At Carroll Garage Doors, we want to make sure your garage doors are always working as well as they possibly can. That’s why we offer robust packages for preventative garage door maintenance Northridge CA. Our packages include:

  • Monthly Visual Inspection
  • Monthly Door Balance Test
  • Monthly Reversing Mechanism Test
  • Monthly Sensor Test
  • Monthly Force Setting Test
  • Semi Annual Lubrication
  • Battery Check / Replacement

Garage Door Maintenance Northridge CA Fixes Common Problems

Garage door maintenance serves to keep all the parts of your garage door working together in concert. Failing to get regular inspections and maintenance can cause your opener motor to clog up with dust and dirt, your cables or springs to lose their tension, or your door to raise or lower unevenly. All of these problems can cause serious inconvenience, and depending on the extent of the damage, they can be costly as well. Fortunately, you can easily limit the damage caused by parts that are wearing out. All you have to do is make sure you get annual garage door maintenance Northridge CA to identify and replace worn parts. You can trust our expert technicians to perform a thorough assessment of your garage door and provide honest recommendations as to what repairs may be needed.

Our Commitment to Safety

We are strong believers in safety here at Carroll Garage Doors both for our employees and for your family. In order to keep you safe, every maintenance visit includes an inspection of the safety features on your garage door. Sensors can become misaligned and reversing motors can wear out, leaving you and your loved ones vulnerable to a garage door accident. Our preventative maintenance services can fix all these issues and keep your garage door working in a safe and efficient manner.



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