Custom Garage Doors North Hollywood CA

Custom Garage Doors North Hollywood CA

Many people get so used to their old garage doors that they don’t realize how bad they really look. Custom garage doors North Hollywood CA from Carroll Garage Doors can be a huge improvement. Say goodbye to boring, drab doors and invest in something better. With our help, you can get a high-quality custom door that meets all of your design specifications. You can mix and match the following design elements to create your custom garage door:

  • Door material (steel, wood, vinyl, steel/fiberglass)
  • Window shapes
  • Panel designs
  • Decorative hardware
  • Paint and stain colors
  • Opener type (screw, belt, chain, or direct drive)

Designing Your Custom Garage Doors North Hollywood CA

Our online Design Center makes it easy to visualize how your customized garage doors will turn out. You can try out a complicated door panel design or experiment with different colors and materials. Try your design with both wood doors and steel doors to see which you prefer. Remember to consider decorative hardware, as it allows you to add even more detail and interest to your garage door and make sure it matches the rest of your home.

Get Expert Garage Door Installation

Getting expert installation for your¬†custom garage doors North Hollywood CA is imperative. Failing to install the doors or opener system correctly can cause problems down the line. For instance, failing to tighten all of the screws and cables properly can lead to a noisy garage door that may open and close jerkily and end up putting stress on the entire system. When you work with Carroll Garage Doors for your custom door design and installation, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of problems. Because our technicians are so thoroughly experienced, they can set up just about any type of garage door and opener right the first time.



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