Custom Garage Doors in Newbury Park CA

Custom Garage DoorsThe link between the look of a garage door and the curb appeal of a home is pretty much common knowledge. Naturally an old, damaged, or unfashionable door will ding your curb appeal. But what about a door that simply doesn’t match the style of your home as perfectly as it could? This type of door may not hurt curb appeal, but you could improve curb appeal and your own personal satisfaction a great deal by getting custom garage doors in Newbury Park CA that match your home perfectly. At Carroll Garage Doors we carry both wood and steel doors suitable for modern, contemporary, or traditional home styles. You can choose from the following elements to create your custom door design:

  • Door material (steel, wood, vinyl, steel/fiberglass)
  • Window shapes
  • Panel designs
  • Decorative hardware
  • Paint and stain colors
  • Opener type (screw, belt, chain, or direct drive)

Designing Your Custom Garage Doors in Newbury Park CA

Our online Design Center is an excellent way to experiment with different designs for custom garage doors in Newbury Park CA. Using this tool you can easily mix and match different door materials, colors, finishes, window shapes, etc. to great the exact design you want. Don’t neglect to add the right decorative hardware to tie your garage door design together and make it match the overall architectural style of your home.

Get Expert Garage Door Installation

With any kind of garage door, proper installation is very important for the smooth and quiet operation of the door. In some cases, a bad installation job can actually ruin the door. For example, if the garage door isn’t balanced correctly when it is installed, it will not move evenly and the tracks and eventually the door itself could become twisted and warped. When it comes to custom garage doors in Newbury Park CA, professional installation is perhaps even more important because you’ve invested so much in your new doors. At Carroll Garage Doors, we provide expert, worry-free installation to protect your investment and ensure a long service life.

Contact us today to create and install your new custom garage doors in Newbury Park CA.


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