Garage Door Spring Repair Moorpark CA

Garage Door Spring Repair Moorpark CA

Broken garage door springs can cause serious injury if not handled properly with the appropriate tools. Rather than risk personal injury, why not trust your garage door spring repair Moorpark CA to the professionals? At Carroll Garage Doors, we know how to get the job done right. Call us and you won’t have to worry about injury or property damage. We even offer promotional rates and coupons for garage door spring repair from time to time.

Why You Need Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Moorpark CA

If you have broken springs, don’t touch them. You need to leave garage door spring repair Moorpark CA to the pros from Carroll Garage Doors. Here’s why:

  • Unwinding broken springs can cause serious injury
  • It’s easy for amateurs to buy the wrong replacement spring
  • Replacing garage door springs requires special tools
  • Experts know how to calibrate spring tension properly
  • Improperly installed springs can damage your garage door
  • Experts know that if you have a two-spring system, both springs need replacing

Get Your Garage Door Springs Inspected

Broken Garage door spring repair range from an inconvenience to a serious problem that can potentially ruin your door. Trying to raise or lower a garage door on a broken spring can burn out your garage door opener motor and potentially damage other parts of your garage door system. You might even find that your garage door spring problems have made it impossible to open the garage door.

Don’t let a broken spring trap your car in the garage. You can greatly reduce your risks of a spring breaking on you by getting regular inspections from Carroll Garage Doors. An annual inspection will greatly improve your chances of identifying and replacing worn springs before they snap. Inspections are a great way to protect your investment in your garage door and garage door opener system.



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