Same Day Service for Unique Garage Doors

Same Day Service for Unique Garage Doors

Is your garage door from the popular brand, Unique Garage Doors? Do you need it to be serviced right away? Well then you’re in luck because Carroll Garage Doors provides same day service for all makes and models of Unique Garage Doors. Our experienced technicians come to homes throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Unique Garage Doors is one of our favorite brands, so we know exactly how to maintain, repair, and professionally install all kinds of Unique Garage Doors. We’ve been Southern California’s most trusted garage door specialists for over 23 years, and it would be our honor to meet your needs today. Just call us at 1-888-578-2360 to schedule same day service for your Unique Garage Door.

Unique Garage Door repairs

Most garage door repairs simply can’t be delayed – and really shouldn’t – even for a day or two. When you need garage door repairs FAST, just call Carroll Garage Doors at 1-888-578-2360 . We can fix all kinds of common issues that often arise with Unique Garage Doors including:

  • Frayed cable
  • Garage door that doesn’t open when button is closed after replacing batteries
  • Garage door opens jerkily with loud noises
  • Door squeaks or screeches loudly when opened or closed (try using a spray-on garage door lubricant and if that doesn’t work, call us)

If you notice some black reside on your garage door, don’t worry – that’s just oil. Just wash it away with some mild soap and water. To prevent rust spots on your Unique Garage Door, we recommend washing it will soap and water at least on an annual basis. For any other Unique Garage Door repair needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-578-2360 .

Experience counts

Carroll Garage Doors has been serving Los Angeles and Ventura counties with all their garage door needs for unique brands like Unique Garage Door for over 29 years. Our technicians have seen it all over the years, so they’re able to easily diagnose and repair all kinds of issues in the most efficient, effective manner possible.

Time for a new Unique Garage Door?

Perhaps your current garage door has reached the end of its service life, or you’re simply ready to give your home a face lift. Whatever the case may be, we carry the full line of highly reliable, durable Unique Garage Doors. Known as the world’s quietest garage doors, you can’t go wrong when you choose one of this durable, attractive garage doors. Not sure which one would look best with your particular home and personal preferences? Don’t worry. Just call 1-888-578-2360 and we’ll be happy to walk you through all the options and help you pick on that you’ll love for many years to come. Whether you prefer a more modern or traditional look, vinyl or wood, we have what you’re looking for at Carroll Garage Doors. Get started today by calling 1-888-578-2360 .

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