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What to do when you push the opener, the garage door goes down a bit, then pops back up

If you’ve been a homeowner for awhile, you know that unexpected repairs constantly pop up, just when you least expect it. One common problem many homeowners experience sooner or later is that when they push their garage door opener button, the door descends a bit, then pops back up again. This can be annoying because you want to simply close your garage door and move along with your day.

Thankfully this issue is pretty easily resolved. Simply clear any obstructions that have gotten in the way of your photo sensors and you’ll be good to go!

Your local garage door repair company: Carroll Garage Doors

There are plenty of garage door problems that will inevitably arise over the years. Whenever you’re in doubt about what to do, just call Southern California’s garage door experts – Carroll Garage Doors at 888-578-2360. We’ll be happy to send over one of our highly qualified technicians to resolve all your garage door problems so you can get back to relying on your garage door daily ASAP.

Common garage door issues

There are some garage door issues that you may be able to resolve on your own. We gladly share this information to make your life easier and save you the time of calling a technician. One common issue we frequently receive calls and questions about is the black residue that sometimes appears on the outside of garage doors. Don’t worry, it’s just oil – so you can just wash it off with your garden hose. It’s important to wash your garage door at least once a year to prevent black residue and rust spots at the bottom of your door.

Another common issue with garage doors is that they simply stop opening and closing. Replace the batteries in your opener and that should do the trick. If not, give us a call at 888-578-2360 and we’ll come figure out what’s up.

If your garage door squeaks or screeches loudly when opening or closing, get a spray-on garage door lubricant and that should take care of the issue. If the squeaks and screeches don’t go away, call Carroll Garage Doors at 888-578-2360 for professional assistance.

Serious garage door problems

If you notice any other problems with your garage door, it’s important that you call 888-578-2360 for expert garage door assistance. Garage doors can be dangerous because they’re so heavy and utilize electricity, so resolving all other garage door issues is best left up to the experts at Carroll Garage Doors. If you notice that your garage door has a frayed cable, opens jerkily with loud noises, or doesn’t open at all after the batteries have been replaced, don’t hesitate to call 888-578-2360 for prompt, professional garage door repair services.

Why choose Carroll Garage Doors

Carroll Garage Doors is the best choice for all your garage door repair needs. We’ve been a trusted local garage door repair company for over 2024 years, and our technicians are always staying abreast of new garage door technology to serve our clients.