Popular Garage Door Trends in 2021

Popular Garage Door Trends in 2021

Are you looking to get a new garage door? If so, you likely want to make sure that you are making a good investment and purchasing a timeless and quality garage door. The good news is that Carroll Garage Doors is here to break down the most popular garage doors trends of 2021. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular garage door trends of 2021 and how Carroll Garage Doors can bring them to life for you.

Bold and Dramatic Colors

One of the biggest trends of 2021 when it comes to garage doors is using bold and dramatic colors. These stand out and are a great way to make your home stand out. A few examples of great bold and dramatic garage door colors include dark gray, black, red, and light gray. These can be truly elegant and enhance the look of your home.

Unique Materials

Another popular garage door trend is using unique materials. Vinyl and wood garage doors are still very popular, but there are other unique materials that are becoming increasingly popular in 2021. This includes fiberglass, steel, composite wood, and others.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly garage doors are also becoming increasingly popular in 2021. By utilizing eco-friendly products, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Glass Windows

A touch of glass is also a top garage door trend for 2021. Choosing glass windows allows more natural light into the garage to make it brighter. It can also lower electricity bills while providing a clean, contemporary look.

Carriage House Style Garage Door

Another top 2021 garage door trend is carriage house styles. Also called barn-style garage doors, this distinctive, rustic look is a great way to complement many styles of homes.

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A garage door is a big investment. It is understandable that you want to design one that fits your home perfectly. The good news is that Carroll Garage Doors is up on all of the garage door trends in 2021. From using unique materials to utilizing bold and dramatic colors, Carroll Garage Doors can design the perfect garage door for your home. We have been in business since 1995 and have over 26 years of experience in the business. Give us a call today at 1-888-578-2360 to get the process started!

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