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What to do when you notice little black marks on your garage door

Have you ever noticed that there are little black marks on your garage door? We often receive questions about these little black marks and other common garage door problems, and we’re always happy to help share information about garage door maintenance and repairs. We’re Southern California’s garage door experts, so you can always trust our advice and information.

You invested lots of your hard-earned money in your garage door, so you want to protect its service life for as long as possible. Taking care of problems as quickly as possible is always a good idea so they don’t turn into bigger problems.

Thankfully, when you see little black marks on your garage door, the solution is pretty simple. Don’t worry – it’s just oil! Simply rinse it off with your garden hose and you’ll be good to go.

Easy-fix garage door issues

There are plenty of these common garage door issues that you can easily take care of yourself. Sure, we appreciate your business when you call 888-578-2360 for repair services, but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from handling garage door issues yourself.

For example, if when you push your opener button, your garage door opens again, simply clear any obstructions that are blocking the photo sensors. If you notice any rust spots at the bottom of your garage door, make sure you clean it with soap and water at least once a year. Or if you push your garage door opener and it doesn’t open at all, simply replace the batteries and your problem will probably be solved. If your garage door squeaks or screeches loudly when it’s opening or closing, simply apply a spray-on garage door lubricant to restore it to quiet efficiency.

Call us for help with these garage door issues

When it comes to your garage door, if you have any doubt about whether you can handle the issue on your own, it’s best to enlist the expertise of the knowledgeable technicians at Carroll Garage Doors. After lubricating, if you notice that your garage door continues to loudly squeak and screech, call us at 888-578-2360. Our technician will quickly diagnose the problem and resolve it so you can get back to relying on your garage door daily ASAP. Or if your garage door still fails to open after you replace the batteries, call us for expert repair services. It’s also important that you call us if you notice that your garage door has a frayed cable, which can be a dangerous situation.

Sign up for regular maintenance

Invite you to sign up for regular maintenance visits from Carroll Garage Doors. We’ll send one of our technicians to perform routine maintenance inspections and repairs to protect the investment you made in your garage door and extend its service life for as long as possible. Call us at 888-578-2360 to request repair or maintenance services today.