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Need More Space? Why Not Utilize Your Garage!

Does it feel like your house is too crowded? Chances are with the family being stuck at home during the pandemic that you’ve realized you don’t have quite as much room as you’d like to. However, before you start seriously considering packing up the house and moving to something bigger, first take a few minutes to think about whether or not you can add some livable space to your home by taking advantage of your garage. Your car doesn’t need to reside in the garage and chances are that you could add a significant amount of space to your home by utilizing it for something other than it’s intended purpose. Keep reading for a few examples of what you can use your garage for aside from parking your car!

  1. A Workout Room
  2. Many people like going to the gym, but others wish they had the space to work out at home. Well, if you convert your gym into a workout room or home garage you can do just that! Simply purchase some rubberized non-slip flooring, some free weights, or weight machines and you have your very own gym. You can also add a tv to the space to enjoy your favorite shows while you work out.
  3. A Wood Shop
  4. Another great use of your garage is as a woodshop. Any carpenters or DIYers out there can set up a shop with plenty of room in the garage. Utilize the walls for tool storage and build a big assembly table that rests in the middle. However, you should seriously consider getting a dust collection system to keep things clean and tidy.
  5. A Mechanics Garage
  6. Do you like tinkering around with cars? The garage is the perfect place to do that! You can purchase a hydraulic lift or just utilize ramps to lift the vehicles. Line the walls with your tool racks and you’re good to go!
  7. A Hangout Space
  8. Are your kids—or yourself—looking for somewhere to hang out that isn’t the living room? How about converting the garage into a hangout space? You can have drywall installed, get an epoxy floor poured, and utilize plush rugs to add some coziness. Throw in a couch or two, a television, and fridge and you have yourself a perfect little retreat.

If there are valuables in your garage, call Carroll Garage Doors to make sure it’s secure!

Once you load up your garage with woodworking tools, workout equipment, and fancy mechanics tools, you want to make sure that those contents are safe. Thankfully, with a new garage door from Carroll Garage Doors they can be! We offer high-quality and secure garage doors that can match any style or budget. From wood and steel garage doors to fiberglass options, we do it all. Give us a call today at 888-578-2360 to start designing your new, secure custom garage door!

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