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Today we’re diving into the world of garage door weather stripping. Weather stripping is part of your garage door that plays a big role in protecting your garage from dust, debris, pests, and drafts. Not sure what weather stripping is or how it really works? Carroll Garage Doors is here to help! Keep reading for some handy tips on how to replace your garage door weather stripping like a pro.

Why Weather Stripping Matters for Your Garage

Weather stripping is more than just a piece of rubber. It’s your first line of defense against wind, rain, and even little critters looking for a cozy spot. Plus, it helps keep your garage temperature steady, which means you might see some savings on those energy bills. In short, good weather stripping keeps your garage dry, comfortable, and efficient.

Removing the Old Weather Stripping: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, how do you replace your weather stripping? First things first, you need to remove the old weather stripping. This can usually be done with basic tools like a hammer, pry bar, or flathead screwdriver. Gently work your tool under the edge of the stripping and pry it away, taking care not to damage your garage door’s frame.

Measuring and Cutting: Getting the Perfect Fit

Once the old weather stripping is removed and you’ve cleaned the surface, you need to measure and cut the new weather stripping. You’ll find pre-cut strips at most stores, but getting the right size is key. Measure your door’s length or lay the old stripping over the new one and mark where to cut. Remember, when cutting side pieces, keep them slightly shorter than the door height to avoid water damage.

Installing the Seal

Start with the top weather seal. Close your garage door and line up the new stripping so it’s snug against the door. You can use nails or screws to attach it, but don’t drive them all the way in just yet. This gives you a bit of room to adjust things if needed.

With the top seal in place, move on to the sides. Line up the side stripping with the top one, making sure it doesn’t touch the ground. Secure it with nails or screws, again not fully driven in, allowing for any necessary adjustments.

After installing all the strips, it’s time for a test run. Open and close your garage door a few times to check for smooth operation. If everything looks good, go ahead and secure the strips completely.

Carroll Garage Doors – Your Weather Stripping Experts

After reading this guide to replacing your garage door weather stripping, if DIY isn’t your thing or you’d rather leave it to the experts, Carroll Garage Doors is here for you! We’ve been in the business for 2024 years, helping homeowners like you keep their garages in top shape. If you need a hand with weather stripping or any other garage door services, give us a call at 888-578-2360. We’re more than happy to lend our expertise and help you keep your home cozy and energy-efficient.

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