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Some types of garage door repair are dangerous and must only be attempted by a professional.

Garage Door Repair & MaintenanceWhen it comes to keeping your garage door in top working condition, typically a combination of homeowner care and professional service is needed. Here is a small sample of some of the kinds of garage door repair and maintenance you can probably handle on your own, and the kinds that need professional attention.

DIY Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Tasks

The kinds of garage door repair and maintenance tasks you can do yourself naturally depend on your level of comfort. If you are quite mechanically inclined, you may be able to handle many more tasks, but the following would be a good starting point for the average homeowner.

Photo Eye Sensors: One of the most common issues people experience with garage doors is the door refusing to close because the safety sensors are dirty, misaligned, or blocked. If your garage door goes partway down and then reverses, you may have a photo eye sensor issue. First check that there is nothing blocking the sensors like a leaf in a spiderweb. Next, clean the lenses with a soft cloth and then ensure they are pointing at one another.

Bulbs & Batteries: If your garage door opener’s light goes out, you may simply need to replace the bulb. This is an easy job provided you have a stepladder and a screwdriver, but you might want to call the pros anyway because they will have the right kind of bulb on hand. You can also easily replace the batteries in your garage door opener remote yourself.

Weatherstripping: Depending on the kind of door you have, the weatherstripping may be quite easy to remove and replace. You may need to do this if mice have nibbled on it or if it has just become dry and brittle with age.

Cleaning: A good annual cleaning is a must-do for any homeowner. Start by washing the door gently with a mild soap and water. Then, brush any dust or dirt off of the roller and tracks. Do not spray the tracks with lubricant as this can cause more dirt to adhere to them and could even make your door stop moving smoothly.

Professional Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Tasks

Even if you feel comfortable doing most of your own home repair and maintenance, certain tasks are actually dangerous or delicate enough that they must be left to the professionals.

Garage Door Spring Repair: Because garage door springs are under extreme tension even when broken, you could become injured if you make a mistake while attempting to remove and replace them. You are much better off trusting the job to a professional who will not only complete the job without damage or injury, but also ensure the springs and the door are properly calibrated and balanced afterwards.

Garage Door Replacement: When investing in a new garage door, the last thing you want is for an installation error to damage your door. When you trust this task to the pros, you don’t have to worry about this possibility because the installation and the door will be covered by warranty.