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Broken Garage DoorAging garage doors springs are probably one of the most serious mechanical problems you will encounter with your garage doors. If not attended to, aging springs can break, potentially causing damage to your garage door and opening system, not to mention injury to anyone who happens to be nearby. Getting your springs checked regularly and repaired as needed as a preventative measure is definitely a good investment! Here are a few of the tell-tale signs of an ailing garage door spring that will soon require garage door spring repair in Simi Valley CA.

Frozen Garage Door

The most obvious sign of a broken garage door spring is that your door won’t move at all! The tension in the spring is the source of the power for opening and closing the door—the opener motor basically just winds the spring. So naturally once the spring breaks your door is stuck! If your door won’t open, or opens just a few inches and then stops, a very likely culprit is the spring. Often you can simply look at the spring, identify the break, and know that you need garage door spring repair in Simi Valley CA.

Uneven Door Motion

Jerky door motion is often caused by failing springs. If you have a torsion spring (located in the middle of the door) you might see the door opening or closing a few inches at a time as the aging spring struggles to lift the weight of the door. If you have extension springs (running perpendicular to the door, one on either side), you might see one side of the door hitching up a bit faster than the other. This can cause serious damage to the tracks that the door runs up and down on, as well as to the door itself. The motor can also burn out as it struggles to force the door up along a twisted track. If you have uneven door motion related to failing springs, you should contact a professional. They will be able to tell you if the springs can be tightened or need to be completely replaced.

Loud Springs

Garage door springs may become quite noisy as they age, as they groan and complain with the effort of lifting the garage door. To a layperson, garage door noises all pretty much sound the same. To an expert, the specific squeal of damaged springs is easier to detect. If your springs squeal, you can try to silence them with a bit of oil. But if that doesn’t work, you need to contact a professional.

Remember, garage door springs are under extreme tension and can be very dangerous to work with. Even professional garage door technicians must exercise special care. If you suspect that you need garage door spring repair in Simi Valley CA, don’t hesitate to call in a professional for advice and assistance. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the problem before the springs break and cause damage to your door.