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Broken Garage DoorIf your garage door seems to “stick” in the open or shut position, or anywhere in between, you obviously need garage door repair Calabasas CA. Here are a few of the common causes of this type of garage door malfunction.

Lack of Lubrication

Sometimes your garage door opener’s drive chain or various other parts of the opener system may become stuck due to a lack of lubrication. When this happens, your door won’t be able to complete its normal range of motion and open or shut like it’s supposed to. This problem can often be corrected simply by spraying oil onto the seized up parts.

Track Damage

Most garage doors run up and down on aluminum tracks, which are fairly easy to damage if you accidentally hit them something. You might get a dent in your track when a tool leaning up against the side of the garage falls over onto it, or you might even hit your track with your car somehow. When this happens, your garage door may not be able to force its way up or down past the dent. Fortunately, this is a relatively quick and easy garage door repair Calabasas CA for a pro from Carroll Garage Doors to handle.

Warped Doors

Repeated freezing and thawing, excess humidity, or other atmospheric issues can sometimes cause garage doors to warp. Naturally a warped door won’t fit in its tracks correctly. In order to fix this problem, you may need to replace a warped garage door panel or perhaps even the entire garage door.

Photo Eye Obstruction

One of the most common causes of an overactive garage door that won’t stay shut is a photo eye obstruction. If your safety sensors can’t see one other, they’ll think that it is unsafe to allow the garage door to shut. This feature is designed to keep the garage door from accidentally closing on a child, a pet, or a vehicle that gets it its way, but it can also be set off by dirt, dust, or debris like leaves. A skilled garage door technician can fix this problem by removing the obstruction and realigning the sensors.

Limit Switch Malfunction

Another reason that garage doors sometimes won’t stay open or closed is that there is a problem with the limit switch. Basically, the limit switch tells the garage door opener motor when to stop running. If the limit is wrong, the door will stop opening partway up or stop closing before it reaches the ground. The garage door repair Calabasas CA that would be needed in this case is resetting or replacing the limit switch. You can call Carroll Garage Doors for help with this type of repair as well as to correct any other cause of a sticky or overactive garage door.