Four Signs You Might Need a New Garage Door

New Garage DoorWhen something happens to your garage door, you do not always need to have it replaced. In fact, you can save a lot of time and money by simply contacting Carroll Garage Doors for repairs or minimal maintenance. There are, however, some situations in which a new garage door would be appropriate as the best route to follow. The following are four signs that a new garage door might be in order:

  1. The paint is cracked or peeling. If you garage door is made of wood, chances are that over time, the paint or stain will begin to wear off. This causes the pain to crack or peel. In such situations, the wood eventually becomes damaged as well because it is not properly protected by the paint anymore. Small cracks in the wood can become larger as moisture wicks up from the bottom and swells the wood.
  2. The door has many dents and/or dings. While it’s true that some dents and dings can be smoothed over, there are some that might make the door aesthetically unappealing. Additionally, small dents can damage the finish of the garage doors, eventually causing rust to form. Larger dents could interrupt the smooth function of the garage door all together. After Carroll Garage Doors inspects your garage door for dents and dings, we can recommend to you whether the damage is severe enough to warrant a replacement, or if our repairs can fix the problem.
  3. The door sections are sagging or bent. Door sections that are not properly maintained could begin to sag or bend over time. You may notice gaps between the sections or under the door ends. You may notice one section that does not hold on to the track properly. In most of these situations, a new garage door is the answer to this problem.
  4. The door will not open or close easily. There are many reasons why this could be happening including problems with the springs, door sections, track, cables, rollers, and other important components. With some simple repairs, the door could be back to new, but in many situations, a new garage door will be the answer. Especially if there are issues with more than one of the components, making it hard to open, it is obvious that the entire door is in bad shape.

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Posted on May 23, 2014
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