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If you’ve looked at all the offerings from quality name brands like Liftmaster, Amarr, Genie, Wayne Dalton, etc., and still not been able to find the perfect garage door to complement your home, it’s time to consider custom garage doors in Calabasas CA! Here are the two main strategies you should consider.

Customizing Existing Designs

Customizing an existing garage door design from a commercial manufacturer is the easiest and most convenient route to getting your custom garage doors in Calabasas CA. Your customization might be as simple as a new coat of paint to change the color of the door. Adding custom hardware is also an easy way to make your garage doors your own. For example, you might add wrought iron handles or ornate hinge plates to complement a colonial revival home, or else use minimalist brushed steel hardware to make your door fit a modern home. You can even venture into the realm of more complicated customizations, like adding extra windows or extra trim to a wooden door.

The main benefit of this approach to designing your custom garage doors is that the structural design is already complete. You can piggyback off of the design and functionality of the original door, and use the same opener motor, chains, springs, etc., to operate your custom door. Using brand name parts behind the scenes will also make it easier to repair or replace parts in the future.

Designing from Scratch

The sky is the limit when designing custom garage doors in Calabasas CA from scratch. You can start by choosing your core material, like wood, steel, vinyl, or fiberglass. Most custom doors are either wood or steel with a design overlay that imitates some other material. Wood doors are certainly very beautiful, but they can be subject to problems like warping or insect damage that you just wouldn’t see in a low-maintenance steel door. You can also choose the shape of the door, the number of panels and windows, the style of any trim, and of course the color and texture of your paint or finish. Many providers of custom garage doors offer a computer-aided design tool that can help you visualize how your custom door will look when various combinations of options are chosen.

While designing from scratch offers the most flexibility, it also comes with significant expense. Also, you must be careful to choose a contractor that can not only build the door but also design and engineer the opening system. If your opener and your door are mismatched, you could end up damaging or destroying one or the other. For example, the opener motor could fail while trying to lift a door that is too large and too heavy. So when designing, be sure to run your final “dream door” plan by the experts before you fall in love with it!