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Choosing the Garage Door StyleWhether you’re building a new home or are simply considering an exterior overhaul, the garage door is one place that deserves attention. It’s one of the first things guests and passersby will notice about your home and it makes a curbside statement about your personal style. As one of the top five remodel projects for home sellers, your garage door can also earn you a significant return at the time of the sale. Here are four modern garage door styles and how to make them work for your home.


If you love classic charm but can’t afford to live in a medieval castle, like most, a carriage style garage door is the perfect compromise. Carriage style garages are characterized by a set of small handles centered on the door to make it appear as if the garage opens from the middle rather than rising traditionally, although the door does still move up and down. Usually there is also a proportionate row of windows across the top to add extra charm. Carriage style doors are predominantly white in color, but can be customized to complement your home.


Steel garage doors have come a long way since early prototypes. New models are more durable, offer better insulation than ever before, and require minimal upkeep. Steel garage doors are the tried-and-true choice when it comes to finding a style that suits your home. Classic models come in panels of varying sizes and have a variety of window options to choose from. You can choose a classic set of rectangular windows or bump up the style with semicircular or fan patterns. Steel can also be used to achieve a carriage style door.


Wooden garage doors are enjoying some serious popularity. Vintage and rustic looks are right on trend, and a wooden garage door channels both effortlessly. You don’t need to live in a hand-built log cabin for this look to work with your home, although it would look beautiful if you do. These doors look great with a wide range of different house styles and pack a punch of curbside character. While wooden garage doors can in some instances be made out of real wood, most are engineered from steel and finished to look like the real deal. Both have their perks, but weather and wear are not a concern with steel unlike its natural counterpart.


Vinyl garage doors are similar to steel in style and are the go-to option for many homeowners. These doors are usually characterized by traditional panels and can be fitted with a wide variety of window shapes. Vinyl can also be used to create carriage style doors. One thing that sets vinyl apart, however, is that it is more durable especially in areas prone to severe weather. Vinyl stands up to dents, rust, and may never need to be touched up. Contact Carroll Garage Doors for more information on different garage door styles.