Why Buy from a Professional Garage Door Dealer

Buying from the pros at Carroll Garage Doors offers many advantages.

Garage Door DealerIf you’re considering buying a new garage door, you might want to think twice about simply heading to your local home improvement store. Instead, turn to the professionals at Carroll Garage Doors for superior service including the following advantages.

Be Certain You Really Need a New Door

Unless you’re buying a new garage door for purely aesthetic reasons, you probably want to make sure your old door really does need to be replaced rather than repaired. While a big box store employee can’t help with this part of the equation, a professional garage door dealer like Carroll Garage Doors can. We have skilled repair techs who can provide accurate assessments of what’s wrong with your garage door along with estimates for the repair costs to help you decide whether repair or replacement is a better value.

We  Help Quantify Your Needs

If you show up at a home improvement store looking for a new garage door, you need to already know all the specs you’re looking for. This includes the size of the door you need, the weight appropriate for your existing garage door opener, the insulation value you need, pinch-free hinges and other safety features, etc. At Carroll Garage Doors, we can come out to your property and record all this information for you, to make sure you get a new garage door that fits properly and meets your needs.

Get Unbiased Information About Your Options

Anyone can read you the information from the manufacturers’ product descriptions, but at Carroll Garage Doors we can also share information gleaned through our many years of experience. We have seen firsthand how different brands and models of garage doors perform over time under different usage conditions, and we can help you understand what to expect from the models you’re considering.

Quality Installation, Guaranteed

In order for your new garage door to move smoothly and quietly and have all safety features properly activated, it needs to be installed by a professional. At Carroll Garage Doors, we can provide expert installation for any kind of garage door and opener, including unusual swing-up or swing-open designs. We can even rehang your existing garage door opener at no extra charge. Installation is covered by warranty on all the doors we sell so you can rest assured you will get quality work.


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