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Back to School With Carroll Garage Doors: Garage Door Maintenance 101

Now that the kids are back in school are you missing that back-to-school feeling yourself? People don’t necessarily love going to school, but that first-day feeling is hard to beat. Packing your new backpack with crisp notebooks and checking out your brand new outfit in the mirror once more before running out the door to the bus is a feeling that simply cannot be matched. At Carroll Garage Doors, we’ll try to get you as close as possible by bringing you your own mini-course: Garage Door Maintenance 101! Keep reading to learn 4 ways to keep your garage door properly maintained.

  1.  Look and Listen
  2. The first step is to actually stop and watch your garage door. Look and listen, focusing on the garage door as it opens and closes. Is there a squeaking noise? Does one side of the garage door seem to go down faster than the other? These are things you’re searching for and if you find them, call Carroll Garage Doors right away.

  3.  Check the Balance of Your Garage Door
  4. Another important check to do is the balance of your garage door. To examine this, you will need to put the garage door all the way down and then pull the release cord to detach it from the chain. Then, lift the door about halfway up. If the door doesn’t stay put, it means the counterweight system is not balanced and you should have it looked at.

  5.  Lubricate the Moving Parts
  6. Like any moving piece of equipment, a garage door needs a bit of love. Make sure to lubricate all of the moving parts at least once a year. It takes just 10 minutes and will keep your garage door operating efficiently.

  7.  Test the Safety Features
  8. Another important task is to check the safety features. Place something underneath the garage door and then try to close it. If it doesn’t stop, that means the safety system isn’t working and you should have it checked out by a professional right away.

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