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garageThere are so many advantages to having a fantastic garage door from Carroll Garage Doors, but for the sake of brevity, we’ve narrowed the list down to these top 5 reasons.

  1. Getting an awesome garage door from Carroll Garage Doors, means don’t have to worry about a thing. It keeps pests like rats and bugs out of your home, which is especially important if you’re afraid of spiders or the diseases rats could bring into your home (eek!).

It’s especially important to have a good quality garage door if you have small children, elderly relatives, or those who have compromised immune systems in your home. Don’t put their health and wellbeing at risk—just get a fantastic new garage door from Carroll Garage Doors.

  1. Our excellent quality garage doors hold up great to intense weather, including Southern California’s harsh sun and harsh winds, so your home and car will be significantly protected from these elements when you get a new garage door from Carroll Garage Doors.
  1. When you have a functional, modern garage door, you can actually store valuable items in your garage without worrying about burglaries, pests, or not being able to access your items.

Leave sports equipment, fishing rods, and even a canoe in your garage for each access anytime you’d like. You’ll have no need for a storage unit when you can finally store your items properly in your garage, thanks to your new door from Carroll Garage Doors

You could even store your car in your garage if you have a proper door to use to get in and out! The ease and convenience of having a working, great quality garage door simply cannot be beat.

  1. You may very well see some energy savings on your heat and cooling bills when you have a fully functioning garage door. The door helps insulate the garage, and therefore your home if it’s connected to the garage, so both warm and cool air stay inside longer. Whereas if you have a garage door that’s damaged with lots of holes, warm and cool air seeps out continually. It’s not good for the environment or your pocketbook!
  1. Can you say “curb appeal”?! Whether you’re inviting relatives or neighbors over for a 4th of July celebration or trying to sell your home fast, having a sparkling new garage door from Carroll Garage Doors will make a huge impact on anyone looking at your home. Garage doors take up a lot of room on the front exterior of your house, and if you have a dilapidated one, it’s going to be incredibly obvious. Potential buyers might even pull up to your home, take one look at the damaged garage, and not even bother coming in to see the rest of the house. Curb appeal matters, especially in the competitive real estate market in this area of Southern California.

At Carroll Garage Doors, we have an incredible selection of garage doors for you to choose from as well as excellent prices. When you call to schedule a free estimate today, you can count on your experience with Carroll Garage Doors to be a good one because we take care of all the details – from the measurements, customization, recommendations, removal of old door, new door installation, as well as continuing maintenance.

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