5 Parts to Check During Garage Door Service Calabasas CA

Garage Door ServiceGetting regular garage door service Calabasas CA is a great way to extend the life of your garage door and opener system, while at the same time reducing your risk of unexpectedly encountering garage door problems that can derail your busy day. Here are 5 key parts that the experts from Carroll Garage Doors will inspect as part of a regular garage door service package.

Garage Door Opener Motors

Your service technician will inspect the garage door opener motor to ensure that it is clean and in good operating condition. Problems like worn drive shaft components or frayed wiring should be brought to your attention and corrected immediately.

Garage Door Springs

If your garage door springs begin to lose their tension, your garage door can become unbalanced, resulting in an uneven or jerky motion. Getting your springs inspected and their tension adjusted as needed as part of regular garage door service Calabasas CA can help prevent uneven motion and associated damage. It can also reduce the risk of your springs breaking unexpectedly, assuming you opt to replace worn springs proactively.

Garage Door Safety Sensors

We can also inspect your garage door’s photo eye sensors and other safety features to make sure they are ready to do their job in case of emergency. We’ll realign the sensors and test the auto reverse mechanism to make sure your garage door won’t close on any person or object that happens to be in their way.

Garage Door Tracks

Often, garage door tracks get clogged up with dust and debris, which can eventually prevent the door from moving smoothly. If you lubricate your garage doors, avoid getting oil in the tracks because it can attract more debris make this problem worse. Every appointment for garage door service Calabasas CA should include a thorough cleaning and inspection of your garage door tracks.

Garage Door Opener Remotes

One of the most frequent garage door maintenance issues is low battery in your garage door opener remote. This can be quite a hassle if you depend on your remote to let you in and out of your home every day. By replacing the battery regularly whether it’s dead or not, you can reduce your chances of getting surprised by a dead garage door opener remote.

Posted on July 12, 2013
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