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5 Garage Storage Solutions to Keep Things Tidy

Does your garage look like a complete mess? It’s time to get it cleaned up and organized with the following tips!

  1. Organize lawn and garden equipment on pegboard
  2. How much lawn and gardening equipment do you have piled up in your garage? There are rakes, shovels, water cans, weed whackers, leaf blowers, and more. If you don’t have all of those items organized neatly, it’s not only messy but can also be a hazard. The best way to get your garden and lawn equipment organized is by purchasing some pegboard and hooks another wall storage system to hang them up and keep them off the ground.
  3. Use old cabinets to provide more storage along the wall
  4. Another good tip for organizing your garage is to use old cabinets for storage. If you’re renovating your kitchen and having cabinets removed, line them in the garage for added storage. Additionally, you can also shop on online sites to find someone that is selling theirs for cheap.
  5. Build a vertical storage bin area
  6. If you don’t want to use cabinets for storage, vertical bin storage is a great idea. Simply purchase a shelf system and install it on your garage wall. Then purchase baskets or plastic shelving bins to organize your belongings. You can have a bin for camping gear, sports equipment, holiday arrangements or whatever else you need!
  7. Hanging bike storage
  8. Bikes take a lot of space up in your garage. If you want to get more room in your garage, you can purchase hanging bike storage to lift bikes off the ground and keep them safe and secure.
  9. Have a designated area of kid toys
  10. If you have children, chances are that much of your garage is overrun by toys that your kids may or may not use. In order to keep your garage organized, have a designated area for kid toys. This can include a bin for sports balls or equipment, and hanging storage for hockey nets or other items that take up a lot of space on the ground.

Install a secure garage door to keep your newly organized garage safe!

Your garage door is a great storage area. However, it is easy for things to get out of control to the point where your garage loses all function and almost becomes dangerous. Thankfully, by following the tips above, you can keep your garage organized and functional. But on top of that, you want to keep it sure. That is why you should consider having a new garage door installed by Carroll Garage doors to keep the contents of your garage safe and secure. We have styles and options to meet aby preferences so give us a call today at 888-578-2360 to start the process of ordering your new garage door.

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